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PhotoGrab is an all-in-one photo editor and converter that uses the highest quality filters to enhance your pictures. The app comes with 7 effects, such as sepia, negative, sunshine and grayscale, plus a color enhancer that gives any portrait a professional touch. Furthermore, it can import and save 32 image formats and 8 popular image size formats.
PhotoGrab Key Features:
✔ Convert and edit JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, DIB, JPEG and DIF images.
✔ Smooth and blur images, convert RGB to grayscale, and sharpen them.
✔ Adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and saturation of all channels.
✔ Apply a fade effect to any shape on the image.
✔ Encode photos for Instagram in JPG, GIF and PNG.
✔ Edit your images using the integrated file browser.
✔ Print directly from the app and save the images to the folder you selected.
✔ Modify images in real time.
✔ Adjust the appearance of eyes, skin, objects and colors.
✔ Option to export and save images in 8 popular image size formats:
• 20 x 20
• 30 x 30
• 60 x 60
• 90 x 90
• 120 x 120
• 200 x 200
• 240 x 240
• 320 x 320
✔ Option to export and save images in 32 image formats:
PhotoGrab 1.1.0
Unlimited installations
30 days trial
✔ Windows 8, 8.1, 10
✔ Resolution of 640 by 480 or higher
✔ 1.4GHz processor or faster
How to install PhotoGrab on Windows 8, 8.1, 10:
Close all apps and Internet Explorer windows.
Click on the Windows key to access the Search view.
Type “Add or Remove Programs” and hit Enter to open it.
Find and click on the PhotoGrab option in the list that appears.
Click the Yes button to start the installation.
The app will now be added to the list of apps in the centre-screen.
To open the PhotoGrab icon, click on it once you’ve installed the app.
For information about other applications in the Windows Store, click here.
PhotoGrab for Windows


This is a free application that allows you to apply Effects, Sepia and Sunrise to your photographs.
You can quickly apply powerful effects and make your photos look good enough to share.
-Image source:
1. From your PC Pictures
2. From Camera
3. From File

Cannot undo changes or reset the picture settings
Modifications are applied in real time. However, the original image doesn’t discard the effects as you apply new ones, which means that any new filter will be put on top of the previous one.
A solution to this would’ve been an undo button that permits you to go back to the previous step, or at least a reset button to restart the photo manipulation using the original composition. Nonetheless, PhotoGrab doesn’t integrate these features, which means that you have to reopen the current picture using the file browser if you want to reset.
Save the final picture with a new file type
If you’re satisfied with all the changes, you can either overwrite the original picture or create a new one by telling the app which saving directory, file name and extension you prefer. Images can be saved in JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or BMP format, which means that PhotoGrab is also a file type converter.
All things considered, PhotoGrab seems to be on the right track, but it cannot be used as a reliable photo manipulation tool.Q:

Phalcon\Mvc\Model\BelongsTo relation is undefined when having a one-to-many relationship with _belongsToMany

Whenever I add a new method to my Phalcon\Mvc\Model\BelongsTo relationship, I get the following PHP error:
Undefined property: TestModel::$mapper on line 35

It points to the line where I am trying to add the method
* Gets the linked app.
* @return \Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Many
public function getApp()
if (!isset($this->app)) {
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return $this->app;

Here’s the code in the BelongsTo class

PhotoGrab Crack +

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Atmosphere is a freeware productivity app for Windows 8.1 with several built-in features designed to make your work more efficient. It supports document editing, scratchpad, text replacement, text wrapping and find/replace.
It can be installed on the desktop, the start screen and/or the Modern UI.
Built-in features
Text replacement is one of the most powerful features of this app. With it you can replace any piece of text of any length directly from the app’s UI. Simply enter the text, position it where you want it, add more pieces of text, select the ones you want to replace or format the results, and choose between bold, italic and underlined formatting options.
Text wrapping and find/replace is possible in documents and files in both the Modern UI and the desktop view. In addition, texts that you enter in the app can be wrapped automatically whenever they exceed a predefined number of lines.
Furthermore, a built-in document editor supports basic editing features like text correction, merging of duplicate cells, merging of disconnected cells, printing, and image editing.
Additionally, some of the features you can find in other Windows 8.1 apps can also be accessed through the Start screen. Among them:
– highlight text and highlight selected text
– tab out of any app (except Mail)
– access the desktop
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– add your calendar to the Start screen
– search for files and folders
– access Live tiles on the home screen
– send text messages
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Powerful features and lots of customization
Atmosphere can be customized from its appearance, theme, and

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PhotoGrab is a free photo manipulation program for Windows which lets you tweak your digital photos with several effects and draw some live with paint brushes. It supports several image formats, and it can be used in batch mode, so that you can apply several effects to multiple images at once. PhotoGrab is the ideal tool for the…

Microchips on pets may carry a danger to human health
Dogs, cats and other domesticated animals alike love to be held and snuggled. Anyone who has visited a dog show has seen the delicious little kisses and kisses from dogs or the happy cuddles in homes throughout the country.
Even though there is no one making sure these dogs are immunized or that they pass all the requirements for adoption and that they are healthy, you can rest assure they are an important part of your family and need to be protected.
Dog Microchips
Satellite microchips are the cheapest and most common way to track and find dogs. The microchip chips have a frequency that a device can use to track an animal and they last for 10 years. A dog can be microchipped for free, unlike a pet collar, which may not last more than a year.
Some satellite microchips are the size of a grain of rice, while others are a full size cookie. Some devices track your dog in the water with a pressure sensor. Although this works really well, it is not a fail-safe system.
Some people consider satellite microchips like shark teeth or needles and complain that they scare the dogs. Other people claim that microchips are like tattoos, which are not considered a health risk, and that they become part of the dog. Many believe that a microchip can transmit an electric pulse that will cause temporary damage to a dog’s eyes or head.
The microchip company, the ASPCA and veterinarian organizations recommend never to have a dog’s eyes hurt or be shocked on their way to be microchipped or during the procedure, just to be safe.
Veterinarians advise against having the microchip in the heart or brain, because these organs contain nerves and nerve fibers which can be damaged.
Safety of Pet Microchips
A dog’s temperament and health also affects how safe and protective a pet microchip can be.
Labrador Retrievers are a breed that is known for their playful, engaging and affectionate natures. But, if not properly socialized, a dog in a home without a

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Reading and looping in an.mht file
I have a question about how to read in an.mht file. I want to loop through all the images in the.mht file but I’m not sure how to.
Thank you!
I think you can also do something like this:
require “nokogiri”
doc = Nokogiri::HTML(“your HTML

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