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For the first time ever, FIFA will detect and measure more than just the number of touches and combinations that a player makes. With new “intensity” ratings, the new feature will accurately measure how hard and strong the player is and how many touches there are per minute.

Each player is scored using a new “challenge” rating, which is influenced by a variety of factors such as your team’s playing style, your opposition and your positioning. To create authentic team play, players make individual decisions and use their intuition to make the right decisions for their team.

And the “Creativity” rating, introduced for the first time in FIFA 21, will influence how you build your team, where you develop them and how you set up the game. Players can create or refine a formation with a variety of different play styles and nuances, which will affect how your team plays from round to round.

Enhancement and Refinement

FIFA 22 makes key enhancements to the franchise’s core gameplay engine by redefining the way players are created, improve and play together on the pitch. The engine will be both faster and more responsive, delivering an authentic experience that will push the gameplay boundaries of all players.

FIFA 22 introduces “Playmaker 2.0,” which makes it easier for players to create and improve by refining their players and tactics in the Editor and the Training Centre. With the new AI system, players will be able to play alongside their friends and rivals with heightened control and responsiveness.

FIFA 22 introduces a revised system that combines the momentum of attacks with the mobility of players. Players will no longer be pinned to the ground in one place, but will be able to move freely and intelligently around the pitch as they create, improve and play.

New Squad Management and Player Agent system

FIFA 22 introduces a new Player Agent system, which makes it easier to manage a squad. Players will play a key role in the squad’s performance and settings, and can help focus the team’s playstyle.

FIFA 22 introduces Squad Management, which will make it easier to build the team you want and will be crucial for the domestic season. Players’ preferred movement styles, play styles and tactics can be changed to make them more effective.

Squad Management and Player Agent will be available in Pro Clubs for the first time in FIFA 20. Pro Clubs will also introduce a “Sensei


Fifa 22 Features Key:

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