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CD Splash [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)


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CD Splash

The cool stuff that’s perfect for CDs and DVDs is included with this spectacular tool, including the ability to set a customized picture, text, audio, and timer for the splash screen.



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CD Splash Activator [Mac/Win]

Starts CD-ROM or DVD in background, and plays media for a specified amount of time. Use a CD-R or CD-RW to create a new CD.
Runs a specified application automatically when you insert a CD or DVD.
Logo display at Boot screen for up to 60 seconds.
Choose if to play a background music, and if sound device will be muted.
Choose if to display a splash screen and if it will be replaced by a custom image, or a selected image/picture.
Choose a splash screen type and duration.
Set a string for a custom message at splash screen
Runs a specified application when you insert a CD or DVD.
Choose a splash screen type.
Add text.
Add an image.
Add a picture at the bottom of splash screen.
Set splash screen options.
Create a new CD-R.
A must-have tool for any CD.
Requires software.

What is it about?
CD Splash is a free Windows application to create splash screens on your CDs and DVDs for a specified amount of time.

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Business Utilities

Last updated

December 19, 2012

Release date

November 18, 2012

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App Store Description

CD Splash is a free Windows application to create splash screens on your CDs and DVDs for a specified amount of time.

The application starts automatically when you insert your CD or DVD. You can start a previously recorded program, start a specified program, or run a specified image/picture for a specified amount of time. The CD or DVD is automatically opened and can be closed before the splash screen.

– Starts a CD or DVD in the background.- Starts a specified application when you insert a CD or DVD. This can be a text file, a program, an application, an embedded program, a Power Point presentation, a Jpeg file, or an existing icon- Logos can be displayed at the boot screen for up to 60 seconds.- Adds an image, a picture, or a text at the bottom of the splash screen- You can choose if a background music will be played. After the selected sound device is muted, the sound will not play during the splash screen. If you do not want sound to play, please select an empty

What’s New In CD Splash?

CD Splash is a program created for those who want to enhance their CDs, DVDs, and also burn their own customized ISOs to give users the option of trying before they buy. By using the application, you can add various images and sounds to be used as splash screens, custom labels, icons, and so on, as well as make the CD boot into a custom application after a specific time.
CD Splash Main Features:
• Add pictures, sounds, and icons to create custom splash screens, label images, icons, and so on.
• You can set the size of the image, text, and even a time of which the image should stay displayed.
• Add a new splash screen to every application installed on the CD.
• Use a custom icon to identify your CDs on the dashboard of your hard drive.
• You can also create multiple ISOs that can be burned to a CD to give you the option of trying before you buy.
• Fully customizable interface.
• Set and adjust the time for a specific splash screen to appear on launch.
• You can set a text description for your splash screens.
• Use a picture, image, and text to create a custom icon.
• This is a great alternative for those who like to create their own ISOs.
CD Splash Supported operating systems:
Windows 10/8/8.1/7/7 (32 bit/64 bit)/Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8
Not all images and sounds included in the package are permitted, so you will be asked for permissions if you try.

CD Splash Description:
CD Splash is a program designed to create personalized ISOs for CD/DVDs. This is useful when you want to burn ISOs of software, and you like to make them easily accessible for your friends or family. A user can create and manage custom ISOs that includes various software items as well as applications, scripts, and the application itself.
There’s even the possibility to set the splash screen to load up a custom icon, make it play sounds, and launch a program on loading. The program also offers you the ability to set file size, maximum file size, application file size, and maximum file size.
A fantastic feature is the possibility to have the interface be displayed in one section and the custom pages in another. This way, you can include a splash screen, custom icon, text, title, text, plus all

System Requirements For CD Splash:

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System requirements are recommended but not required.
1. Download
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2. Run the game
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