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You’re trying to crack a zip file, and you’re seeing the download bit from the zip file.
Most likely, your instructions have a typo; you’re going to try to crack xforce.rar, but the instruction says You need to supply an appropriate filename.
Assuming the instructions in the comments were correct:


If you open the zip file (, it’s a zip file that has a hex editor with instructions to crack the autocad.rar and file in the zip archive.
I’d start over.


How does the code translate to C#

I recently started programming in C#, and I found a simple ‘Hello World’ program written in C# that I cannot understand. Here is the code:
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
Console.WriteLine(“Hello, World!

If I write the exact same code in C++ it does not work the same. What is being done here?


It is a class which has a static Main method that prints “Hello, World!” and then exits.
If you were to write the equivalent code in C++, it would be a class that has an instance method void print(), where print is defined as void print() { cout

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