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Trustable Admixture Supplier in Bangladesh

The ingredients used in the concrete are called Admixtures. Admixture aims to increase the quality of concrete. We are the admixture supplier in Bangladesh. Our company has succeeded in meeting the increasing needs of the clients.

Types Of Admixture

Admixtures improve the performance of concrete. The performance is improved during casting. Admixture slot bonus new member 100 di awal improves some properties of concrete.

Admixtures are of two types- Chemicals and Minerals.

There are some types of Admixtures in Bangladesh. For example :

Accelerating Admixtures

Accelerating Admixture increases the rate of hydration in the primary stage. At this time, the accelerators help to make the process fast. They help to harden the concrete during the initial RTP Slot setting. This helps to manage the timing significantly.

Hardening the concrete is important for the following reasons;

  • It works as a component of an emergency repair.
  • It serves in a better way for low-temperature regions.
  • It takes less time and saves time in curing.

Calcium chloride is a good example of Accelerating Admixtures.

Retarding Admixtures

Retarding Admixtures are useful for preventing avoidable voids in concrete. It serves the purpose of maintaining a bond between the surfaces.

Retarders slow down the hydration rate initially. These are perfect for high temperatures. It increases the time for cement paste. Retarders are perfect if they have to be transported. Calcium sulfate or gypsum, starch, cellulose are some of the examples of retarders.

Water Reducing Admixture

Water reducing admixture is used frequently along with the concrete. It is used for reducing the water content.

These specific mixtures enhance the workability of the concrete. These do it by reducing water. Water reducers are also called plasticizers. These are of three types:

  • Superplasticizers reduce water demand up to by 30%
  • Mid-range plasticizers reduce water demand by 15%
  • Normal plasticizers reduce the water demand by d up to 10%

Besides enhancing the workflow, plasticizers are beneficial for some other factors including prevention of cracks, segregation, honeycombing, bleeding, and so on. This helps to improve the strength of the concrete too.

Air Entering Admixtures

Air entering admixtures enhances the durability of concrete under freezing situations. Air entering admixtures increases the properties, workability when they are added to concrete.

There are some benefits of Air entering admixtures, including segregation and bleeding, lowering the unit weight of elasticity, improving the chemical resistance, reducing cement or sand or water content from the concrete.

Vinson resin, darex are the most used Air entering admixtures. They are made from natural sources like wood resins, animal and vegetable fats, and so on.

Air-detraining Admixtures 

Excessive air releases gas into the concrete voids. Air-detraining Admixtures reduce excess air from the voids. For example; phosphate, and silicones.

Corrosion Preventing Admixtures

Saline water and industrial odors can reduce the quality of the reinforced concrete. Corrosion is a usual occurrence. Admixtures are very beneficial for preventing the corrosion of concrete. For example Sodium benzoate and sodium nitrate.

Coloring Admixtures

Coloring pigment creates colors in the concrete. But it should not affect the concrete’s strength. Different coloring mixtures create various colors. For instance, iron creates red color and manganese creates brown color.

Damp Proofing Admixtures

Damp proofing Admixtures are useful for resisting water and dampness from the concrete. They also enhance the hardening work in the primary stage. It is created from aluminum sulfate, silicate of soda, and so on.

Additives or Admixture?

Additives and Admixture are different from each other. But, they both are connected with changing the properties. Additives are components that are added to the cement during the manufacturing process. Admixtures are added in concrete.

Importance of Using Admixtures In Construction

Admixtures have become an integral part of the construction because of their usefulness.

Some of the benefits of admixtures in construction are:

  • Admixture speeds up the workflow.
  • Helps in fast setting and hardening.
  • At the same time, they decrease the setting time.
  • They decrease water demand and quantity.
  • Prevents crackings. These do this by preventing overheating of the building
  • It decreases the demand for cement.
  • It has waterproof properties.
  • They are sustainable as they utilize waste products.
  • Enhances the hardened concrete strength
  • Enhances frost resistance. Also increases the durability and abrasion resistance

WHY We Are the Best Admixture Supplier in Bangladesh

We can provide you with a long term solution that can be sustainable in any kind of weather. We provide our customers with our high-end products for several projects. Our products are perfect for buildings, civil engineering works, bridges, and many more. We take care of the needs of our clients with great effort. We take all the necessary steps for the best quality of products.


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