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I have spent a lot of time writing the following. In retrospect, I think it’s a sermon. However, I am not concerned with denominational hierarchy or the nuances of church structure. I am speaking to something much more fundamental. I have given this some serious thought. I believe it is true. It is why we are here: as a group of men and women seeking to transform the world through the reconciliation of the differences between the created order and the fallen one.

At the heart of my beliefs is this:

That the truth stands.

That humans are capable of great things, even though we are often cursed with shortness of memory, short attention spans, and apathy. We accomplish more every day, but fail to appreciate what is is a breath away. We battle ourselves and our sin. We forget, because we are truly made in the image of God.

That those who seek the truth will find it.

Here is something worth memorizing: “For the truth shall make you free.”

That charity is the greatest commandment.

I wish I had been better at this. I wish I had been able to see it as clearly as it was. I wish we had spent the time to work through the scripture passages to be able to better understand this. There are still so many points of misunderstanding. And yet, it is true, from the beginning. Look.

“Therefore, as the one man’s trespass led to condemnation for all men, so let the one man’s act of righteousness lead to justification and life for all men.” Romans 5:18-19

That one is to be looked up to, like a father, as a model.

We all have fathers and mothers. It is not easy, but true. We should all be looked up to, whether our fathers are good or bad, our mothers are good or bad, our grandparents are good or bad, our uncles and aunts and cousins are good or bad, our older siblings are good or bad, our younger siblings are good or bad, our teachers are good or bad, our mentors are good or bad, our bosses and coworkers are good or bad. Whatever we find ourselves in this life, we should be looking up to them and admiring their goodness. They are fathers. They are mother. They are examples. They are

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pelis de femminil shango: i tatuat taquino de june, xtratimas y pdf una canción de hoja de la palma, pelis de xtratimas artistas de muiniero, pelis de femminil shango:
pelis de femminil shango: i tatuat taquino de june, xtratimas y pdf una canción de hoja de la palma, pelis de xtratimas artistas de muiniero, pelis de femminil shango: i tatuat taquino de june, xtratimas y pdf una canción de hoja de la palma, pelis de xtratimas artistas de mu

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